Dish Towel Linen Cotton 20 x 28-inch Manifica Collection

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Celebrates the heritage and tradition with our masterfully created Manifica range of tea towels. An essential in any home kitchen, our signature dish towels are ready for all sorts of tasks - from drying up spills or drying pots and pans or purely as hand towel. Ideal for gifting and as a thoughtful gesture for loves ones.

Whether you frame them for fabulous wall hangings, wrap them around wine bottles for fantastic hostess gifts, or use them for drying dishes, these towels are as practical as they are beautiful.

  • 3 design of Tea Towels
  • Two-ply twisted Linen cotton jacquard woven
  • Ideal for lint-free drying of glassware and dishes
  • Cuts your drying time to half
  • Technique:  Jacquard woven
  • Size:  20" x 28" (50 x 67-cm)
  • Hemmed all around
  • Design Colors: Blue-white, Green-white, Green-blue-white
  • These kitchen towels come tagged sealed in a polybag.
  • Crafted by European linen masters


  • Made from high quality 100% environmentally friendly blend of European flax linen cotton, organic 50/50
  • Machine wash, warm gentile cycle, tumbler dry low
  • Oeko-Tex certified, the world's definitive certification for ecologically safe textiles

Superior Lifestyle & Health Benefits:

The item is made from hand-selected, high quality organic flax linen cotton fabric that is soft, virtually lint-free, color-fast, and stain-resistant with exceptional durability and longer lasting.  Armani International Kitchen Linens are non-allergenic, anti-bacterial, naturally insect-repellent and gives UV protection, and do not keep filth or soap and limestone residuals.